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Les artistes de la Galerie



Sergio et Stefano Spivach


Photo: Stefano et Sergio Spivach

Sergio Spivach 1965 Udine (I)
Stefano Spivach 1959 Trento (I)

1989 Opal cutters in the family workshop
2001 Starting research and experimentation with opal
2006 Starting ‘AQA contemporay opals’ project

Group Exhibitions

2017 Master Collection / Gioielli in fermento, Ziano Piacentino (I)
2017 A Flor de Pell, 66 Mistral Gallery, Barcelona (E)
2016 (Lost) Paradise, ALLIAGES Gallery, Lille (F)
2016 Selected Stories, OHMYBLUE Gallery, Venezia (I)
2016 Artist of the month / november 2016, Galerie Slavik, Wien (A)
2016 Joya, Barcelona (E)
2016 Dialoghi AGC/JJDA, Livorno, San Felice del Benaco, Padova, Casalmaggiore (I)
2016 Gioielli in Fermento Premio Torre Fornello, Ziano Piacentino (I)
2015 Joya, Barcelona (E)
2015 Premio Fondazione Cominelli, San Felice del Benaco (I)
2015 Dialoghi AGC/JJDA, Tokyo (J)
2015 Gioielli in Fermento Premio Torre Fornello, Ziano Piacentino (I)
2015 Cabinet of Jewellery Marvels, Galerie Slavik ,Wien (A)
2014 Joya, Barcelona (E)
2014 Gioielli in Fermento Premio Torre Fornello, Ziano Piacentino (I)
2013 Onòff / Ring Party Premio Cisotto, Padova (I)
2013 Joya, Barcelona (E)
2013 Venice Jewellery Week, Venezia (I)
2013 Gioiello in Arte, Università Nobil Collegio, Roma (I)
2013 Ring Party, TRA Treviso Ricerca Arte, Treviso (I)
2011 Forma vs Materia, Galleria Cristiani, Torino (I)
2008 Kara, Paris (F)
2007-2012 2012 Inhorgenta, Design Pavillon, München (D)
1989-2009 2009 VicenzaOro, Vicenza (I)

2014 Gioielli in Fermento Contest, Menzione Speciale AGC, Ziano Piacentino (I)
2013 Onòff / Ring Party Premio Cisotto, Prima Menzione Onorevole, Padova (I)
2008 Kara, Coup de Coeur de Kara Contest, Paris (F)

Alternatives Gallery, Rome, I
Ohmyblue Gallery, Venice, I
Galerie Orfèo, Luxembourg, L
Galerie Slavik, Vienna, A

Our contemporary opals began in 2006; a project that is a direct result of our work and research into opal which started in 2001 thanks to our beloved father. Having established our workshop in 1989, through our experience and work we have developed a new awareness and understanding of our material which has allowed us to refine our technique and enhance our knowledge and expertise.
Experimenting with new aesthetic forms and techniques, we have been able to work with the raw material in such a way as to bring it to a contemporary level. Free from the shackles of convention, our pieces evolve organically through the creative process, taking their form as we carve and shape the stone.
Opal sculptures to be adorned and touched, resulting in pieces that are direct expressions of ourselves, our character and love for our craft.

Opals are subversive stones because they do not inherently give out any point of reference. We look at them, listen to them, touch them and their evolution in form is a direct expression of our character and feelings.
We enjoy this implicit freedom and the fact that opals can be easily approached and reinvented. Changes in the colour range are overwhelming and amplify research possibilities of the form itself.
When you cut a stone, it is as if you were cutting into a whole world. Working on a stone makes every gesture final. This is why it is essential to devote the necessary time to each specific aspect of the stone. Our care for detail is absolute and we dedicate the utmost attention to each raw opal.
Our research is constantly evolving and each work naturally reaffirms the inevitable beauty of opals with their unpredictable surfaces: sometimes rough, as life can be; sometimes renovated in surprisingly sinuous and smooth textures.
Unusual, soft shapes interact with other materials such as silver, bronze and resin, even if they are always complementary to the opal.





















































L'arcangelo in pezzi - il corpo, il cuore e l'ala