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Les artistes de la Galerie



Tamer Serbay


1947 Born in Malatya / Turkey
Since 1982 Freelance Artist

1984/85 written two books about oilpainting, published by Otto Maier / Germany

1990 - Workshop with Students, Selm / Germany

1991 - Scholarship of Estonian Artist Union / Estonia

1992 - Project "SINFONIA 92" a Nature Installation, with Karin Fenn Kiel, / Germany

1993 - Workshop "Wattenmeer", Büsum, Germany
1994 - Int. Workshop "Flaggen, Wimpel and Co".Kiel / Germany
1994 - 1st Int. nature art symposion, Samukawa / Japan
1994 and 1995 Lecturer on "Paper and Nature" at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Johannes Gutenberg University,
Mainz / Germany

1995 - Int. nature art symposion, "Movement towards a new century", Kong Ju / S. Korea

1995 - Artprice "Tolerance 1995" by German Artist Union and City Lübeck / Germany

1996 - "Artfield in Tsukui 96" a int. nature art symposion Tsukui / Japan
Workshop for Youth Art School, Paper and Nature Dangast / Germany
"Land art" Symposion, Dersau / Germany

1996 Lecturer for Project "Paper and Nature" for
Youth Art School, Dangast / Germany

1997 Lecturer for Project " Noah’s Ark" at the University of Witten Herdeke, Dortmund / Germany

1998 - Artist in Residence, Lieux publics, Centre National de Création des Arts de la Rue, Marseille / France
Schlaschip of Ministery of cultur to stay in San Farancisko and New York

2000 - Schlarship of President of Germany to stay in New York
Lecturer at the Academy of fine Arts atMediteranien Uni. In
Antalya Turkey

2002 Scholarship of the mistery of culture